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Ring Two continued

Not before 15:00hrs


All entries on the day from the Horse Show Secretary’s tent.
£1.00 per class.

Minimus Section

Children in this section must wear approved riding hats(see rule 9) and footwear but need not wear show jackets.
All riders MUST be led.

Competitors entering this section may not compete in any Open Gymkhana classes.

Class 17: Egg and spoon race
Class 18: Round the world
Class 19: Potato Race
Class 20: Musical cups


Open Section

Class 21: Egg and Spoon Race
Class 22: Potato Race
Class 23: Canter, Trot, Walk
Class 24: Bucket Elimination
Class 25: Musical cups
Class 26: Consolation Race

Please bring your own water for your horses, ponies and dogs.
Please ensure all your rubbish is taken home.
Thank you.

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