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Littlewick Show has been held annually since 1935 pausing only, when appropriate, during World War II.   Since its inception the Littlewick Show has grown from its origins as a village horse show/ gymkhana to become the very large rural show it now is.   The Show was founded by Dr. E. R. D.  Maconochie who was a great horse enthusiast.   The Show began on a small scale in the village with Dr. Mac’s friends helping with the expenses and donating trophies, many of which are still in use.   Over the years it has outgrown several venues and this is the 4th year in a new venue:- Bottle Meadow, Knowl Hill, used in the past for the Knowl Hill Steam Rally.   Those who have been involved with the Show for as number of years look upon the BIG DAY not only as a great outing, but almost as a family get-together.

The Show is held on August Bank Holiday Monday each year.

Littlewick Show is organised for the Littlewick Green Show Society by a Committee made up from representatives of the various participating display, competition and exhibiting sections of the show and other interested parties.   Several present Committee members were around in Dr. Maconochie’s time. The Hon. General Show Secretary, Valerie Bosley, has been in post for 54 years.   Members of the Westacott family cannot remember the days when their farm, storage or equipment was not used.  The Peters family with their children’s fairground have been coming for over 40 years and as their children have grown up a complete new generation has taken over.   Many trade and charity stands have also been coming for years.   No Show would be the same without Dickie Richards and his Punch and Judy Show.

Newer members represent organizations for the young and they keep the committee informed of current needs.  The Committee meets regularly in the months leading up to the show to ensure that the needs of competitors, exhibitors, stall holders, those giving displays and the public are all catered for properly and safely and so that all can enjoy the event.

The success of the Show is only achieved through the various skills and considerable physical effort of many expended before, during and, indeed, immediately after the event.   The Show has many sponsors ands supporters especially the public and the Committee is indebted and very grateful to them all.   The intention of the Show Society is to provide an inexpensive, enjoyable and fun day for the entire family and at the same time support local ‘good causes’.    Do come and enjoy and bring your friends.


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