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You can register your vehicle(s) and pay online using our 'PayPal' facility.

  1. You do not need to have a PayPal account but you will need a Credit or Debit Card
  2. Go to http://austinseven.org/littlewick/
  3. Click on the `Register online' button and follow the instructions.

To The Littlewick Show Maidenhead 2017

  1. Entries must be presented in a clean, complete and safe working condition.
  2. All vehicles must be insured against third party risks whilst on the Rally Field. The organisers reserve the right to ask for proof of this insurance.
  3. The Road Traffic Act now applies to all places where the public have access, therefore no driving under the influence of drink or drugs and no unlicensed or under age driving.
  4. No exhibit is to be left running without a controller present.
  5. All vehicles should be safely parked, and securely braked.
  6. A speed limit of 5 M.P.H. shall apply to all vehicles.
  7. Exhibitors must pay proper regard to the marshals’ instructions, and conduct themselves in a manner which will not inconvenience other persons on the Rally Field.
  8. The organisers reserve the right to restrict entries if need be, or to ask persons to leave the Rally Field in the event of serious breaches of the regulations, misconduct, or for any other reason which may be pertinent to the good running of the Rally.
  9. Late entries or vehicles without a valid pass are not guaranteed a space on the Rally Field and will be charged normal Littlewick Show entry charges.
  10. Entries received after the closing date of 14th August 2017 will not be eligible for entry into the entry list, may not receive a plaque and will not be judged in the relevant class.