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Classes 70 to 80: Dahlias


The "S. Donaldson" Challenge Cup and Replica will be awarded to the exhibitor gaining the highest number of points in the section - Classes 70 to 80.

The "National Dahlia Society" Silver Medal Certificate will be awarded at the judges' discretion - to the best exhibit in Classes 70 to 80.

Please supply your own vases.

 Prize Money
    1st 2nd 3rd
70. Three Vases, three distinct Classes, to be selected from the following:-
(a)  Three Decorative, Giant or Large
(b)  Three Cactus of semi Cactus, Giant or Large 
(c)  Three Cactus of semi Cactus, Medium
(d)  Three Decorative, Medium
(e)  Five Decorative, Small or Miniature
(f)   Five Cactus or semi Cactus, Small or Miniature
(g)  Five Ball or Miniature Ball
(h) Five Pompom, not to exceed 52 mm in diameter
£4 £2 50p
71. One Cactus or Semi Cactus, Large or Giant £3 £1 50p
72. Three Cactus or Semi Cactus, Small or Miniature £3 £1 50p
73. One Decorative, Large or Giant £3 £1 50p
74. Three Decorative, Small or Miniature £3 £1 50p
75. Three Medium Cactus or Semi Cactus £3 £1 50p
76. Three Medium Decorative £3 £1 50p
77. Five Pompom, not to exceed 52mm in diameter £3 £1 50p
78. Three Ball or Miniature Ball £3 £1 50p
79. One Vase, Five Blooms, any variety not in schedule £3 £1 50p
80. Dahlia Novice Class. Open to an exhibitor who has not won a First Prize prior to this show.
One Vase, Three Blooms, any variety, all of one size.
£3 £1 50p

Please name varieties where possible.

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