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Organised by the

Littlewick Horse Show Committee:

Jill Oseman, Phillipa Burton, Pam Teasdale, Pam Swift and Jo Burton

Entry Fees

Jumping Classes: £12.00 each
Pairs Jumping: £18.00 per pair
Clear Round: £5.00 (at the ring side)
Showing Classes: £7.00 each
Gymkhana: £2.00 each (on the day)
First aid £4 per rider/handler
Entries on the day: £2.50 extra on each entry except for gymkhana and clear round where entries are on the day.

Cups Presented:

Class 4: Brookhart Cup
Class 6: Committee Trophy
Class 7: The Vigilante Challenge Cup
Class 16: MacBride Cup
Class 30: Best Utility Pony Challenge Cup
Class 34: Bunce Cup
Class 36: Cada Toys Challenge Trophy
Class 37: Battledore Challenge Trophy

Advance entry is advised for all jumping classes!
Please ring beforehand if you plan to enter jumping on the day.

A plaque will be awarded to the winner of each class except Gymkhana
Rosettes to 8th Place
Gymkhana Rosettes to 4th place


All day on-site catering

Please note: All horse boxes and trailers plus their occupants will gain free access to the show. However, anyone arriving by car or on foot must pay the admission fee, even if accompanying a horsebox.

Please bring your own water for your horses, ponies and dogs.
Please ensure all your rubbish is taken home.
Thank you

< Horse Show details | Main Ring-Classes 1-6 >